News in Brief

Annual Barbecue – not to be missed! 1.30pm start

Sunday 6 AugustTraining Courses:

Our three weekend days improvers’ course is being run again in August/September – three Sundays, dates subject to participants’ availability. Write to

Our 10-session Tuesday evenings course will run again starting late Feb/early March 2018. Look out for registration details in January.

EFB update: All the colonies at the SM apiary have taken nicely to their new combs and we are hopeful that we’ll get the all clear at the next inspection due 4 August.

Charity Registration: new Constitution was approved at the EGM held in June. New logo being developed with Sheffield artist Catherine Higham. Application form almost ready to submit. We’re on track but the 6-week approval period will take us beyond the financial year end….

Sits vac:

  • Once our charity registration is confirmed we’ll be looking to appoint an Independent Examiner to verify our accounts. Do you have the skills and inclination to do that for us? Or do you know someone who can?
  • We’re also looking for new blood on the committee. After several years of dedicated service Joy is standing down as Membership Secretary and will be sorely missed. This is a key post and needs an organised mind and good IT skills. The role has become slightly easier now that we deal directly with the BBKA. We don’t have a successor in the pipeline and we’ll be well stuck if we can’t find a replacement for Joy. Now is a good time to put yourselves forward so that we can have a good overlap. Appointment will of course be subject to approval at the AGM.
  • Some members of the committee fulfilled several roles and it would be good to have some of these shared by others.
    • Do you have ambitions to be a journalist? Why not start as SBKA’s publicity officer and liaise with the media?
    • Do you think you could handle the responsibility of overseeing one of the association’s apiaries?
    • Can you organise a team of 10 trainers and applications for training from more than 50 people every year? We need someone who can handle Google forms, book training facilities, and liaise with applicants and trainers. Why not apply for the very rewarding role of Training Officer?
    • Are you a new member and do you have ideas on how we can improve our services for beginners and novices? Then put yourself forward for the “novice member” of the committee. This position is reserved for new members so we need you….
    • And of course the all important Membership Secretary position.

Write to

Upcoming events

Annual barbecue: All beekeepers and their family members welcome.

Sunday 6 August 1.30-5pm. Sawmill Apiary.

Sheffield Honey Show at the Sheffield Fayre

Entries and judging Sunday 27 August. Open to the public Monday 28 August.

A great occasion for all the family. Download the Honey Show Schedule here: Schedule

Asian Hornet warning

The possibility that we will have a serious battle with Asian Hornet is increasing almost by the day. Another live Asian Hornet was recently found in a distribution warehouse in Scotland. It is believed it hitched a lift on a lorry from the continent.

The advice on making a trap has been revised. See the links below for more information. Please help the effort to identify Vespa velutina nigrithorax as early as possible by placing a trap in every apiary and set it up in the early Spring to catch queens before they have offspring.

Details on Bee Base:


Hornets are attracted to yellow so one piece of advice is to use a yellow Correx rainguard rather than the black one shown

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