Events & Meetings

Up coming Events and Meetings

Beginners’ Course: This course is now full. if you can’t wait until next year Rotherham BKA has a two-day course 19 & 20 May. Contact Jonathan Burton:

1 April – Bee Health Day at the Sawmill – bring a sample of 30 bees for Nosema & Acarine analysis. Free to all. We will also be putting together a FlowHive super – come & help or just watch in bewilderment!

8 April – General Bee Husbandry Day at the Sawmill. Open to all beekeepers in Sheffield and surrounding districts. Aimed at 2-5 yr beekeepers and covering swarm control & collection, health inspections & disease control. £5 including refreshments.

11 April – SBKA monthly meeting. Derrie O’Sullivan will be giving  us some interesting alternative views on working with your bees.

20 May – Spring in the Woods at the Sawmill Apiary, Ecclesall Woods. Honey for sale and beekeepers to talk with. (Members are requested to come and help for a few hours between 10am and 4pm)

30 June – Refresher course for Basic Assessment candidates. Free to members.

8 July – Nominal date for Basic Assessments – subject to confirmation

12 August – Introduction to Honeybee Microscopy –  £25 for the day. Open to all beekeepers.