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January Meeting :Margaret Murdin -Bee genetics explained….simply

Margaret has kept bees for over 10 years and now has over 20 colonies across three apiaries. She is a Master Beekeeper, holds the National Diploma in Beekeeping and is Chair of the trustees of the British Beekeepers Association, a member of the Education and Husbandry Committee and sits on the Examination Board. She is a Correspondence Course tutor and an assessor for module examinations and husbandry assessments.

Bee genetics explained… simply

Like us, female bees have two sets of chromosomes; one set from the mother and one from the father. But male bees, the drones, are different: They have a single set. This is why we say that drones have no father! How does that work? The genetics of bees can seem complicated, mainly because the words used are long, complicated and difficult to remember. This talk will seek to explain the genetics of honey bees in a straightforward way – in a way that is useful to beekeepers.

Doors at 7pm with a 7.30pm start on Wednesday 9th January 2019 at The Nether Edge Club.