News in Brief

Training Courses Registration now closed until next year!

Our Tuesday evenings Beginners’ Course is nearly over and our  3-day weekend one is full. Rotherham Beekeepers’ Association is running a 2-day course 17 & 18 June that might suit people: more details here: RBKA beginners’ Course

Our three weekend days improvers’ course was well attended and is nearly over.

Upcoming events

Extraordinary General Meeting 14 June – following the decisions to affiliate directly with BBKA and register as a charity we will hold an Extraordinary General Meeting as part of our June monthly meeting to approve a proposed new Constitution. It would be good to have all our members present – so please make an extra effort to attend. We hope to have the draft Constitution out to members by the beginning of June.

Asian Hornet warning

The possibility that we will have a serious battle with Asian Hornet is increasing almost by the day. Another live Asian Hornet was recently found in a distribution warehouse in Scotland. It is believed it hitched a lift on a lorry from the continent.

The advice on making a trap has been revised. See the links below for more information. Please help the effort to identify Vespa velutina nigrithorax as early as possible by placing a trap in every apiary and set it up in the early Spring to catch queens before they have offspring.

Details on Bee Base:


Hornets are attracted to yellow so one piece of advice is to use a yellow Correx rainguard rather than the black one shown

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Membership renewal for 2016-2017

Membership application/renewal for 2016/17 is now open.

Please go here to renew or apply.

NB Membership payments will be taken automatically for existing members who have previously set up a direct debit using GoCardless, without further action.

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